My Journey with the EUTECH Chamber and some of my creative work.

Beginning of 2021, I decided to move to Germany and start a new venture. I landed in Germany and wandered to Berlin and after which Bayern, Munich. I wanted to explore new sides of the creative world.

I got an amazing opportunity to start working as a Marketing Manager in the EUTECH Chamber Team.

Here are some of the projects I have worked on as a Creative Art Director, all commercial and ownership rights to these projects belong to EUTECH. 

External Projects during my employment were:

Bike Trip in TegernSee

Take a look at some Virtual and Hybrid Events I Designed and Managed

LATAM EDGE Awards 2021

Natural resources are a gamechanger in the fight against climate change. The VNC conference 2022 organized by Geneva Macro Labs together with its strategic partners ILO, UNITAR, UNCDF, key researchers from Harvard University’s Department of Economics and supported by ServiceNow. focuses on promoting innovative scalable financial solutions and governance mechanisms to value natural capitals…

Climate Summit 2021

Climate action topics, ideas and solutions related to effective CO2 reduction, transformation of the energy system, circular economy, credibility in climate action, stakeholder management and green funding as well as world-class speakers and experts. The event aims to promote practical cooperation and exchange to boost impactful action as well as encourage open discussion and communication…

LATAM EDGE Awards 2021

LATAM EXPO is an exciting event that aims to bring together the key representatives from Latin America and from the UK and Europe, to show the contrast and opportunities between the regions and unlock the potential for a better future, and be inspired to innovation.

EU CHINA Economy & Technology Expo 2021

The economies of China and the EU are highly complementary. This is proved by the strong resilience and stable development shown in the China-EU trade and investment during the Pandemic. A continued, deepened and all-round cooperation between China and EU will play a key role in global recovery and in achieving SDG goals in 2030.

SDG Awards 2021

Innovation is key in achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. EUTECH aims to empower, recognize, and reward companies that show outstanding results and commitment to bring about social and environmental impact on a global scale by providing a leading example of striking the right balance between creative-value creation, stakeholders, inclusiveness, and transparency.

Some of my Creative Work for the Chamber

Visions for Europe

I was so excited when this project came to me. I got the chance to take a look at articles written by renowned EU Leaders and entrepreneurs. Furthermore, I got to design an entire magazine and display the content for a Network of 2000+ Companies.

I even got to write my own article inside the first edition of the magazine.

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My Article for Q1

How design is a catalyst for innovation.

Homepage Design

Alliances Web Design & CI

EUTECH Alliances. I was tasked to come up with a uniform style guide for 16 Alliances and their interoperability with the EUTECH Chamber. 

My job was to design:

  • Website UI & UX
  • Corporate Identities
  • Style Guide


Dach Alliance

EUTECH Dach Alliance provides its support for successful market access and the business development. as well as,via matchmaking and Network opportunities,to deploy European and Dach companies for foster long lasting and value-adding partnerships among businesses and technology.

China Alliance

China Alliance provide its support in economic development and business opportunities for its members, fostering cooperation between both regions, facilitating great partnership between Europe and China.

Energy Alliance

The Energy Alliance constitutes the exchange of information, promotion and commercialization of advanced and promising technological projects in the field of energy efficiency and gradual transition to the use of renewable energy sources instead of fossil raw materials.

Smart Cities Alliance

Smart Cities is where the people meet digital revolution in our modern cities and rural areas. This rise comes with a lot of positive perspectives incorporating digital inclusion.

Africa Alliance

Africa Alliance activities improves policy interventions to ease doing business in the continent and adapt companies’ strategies in response to Africa’s unique realities.

LatAm Alliance

The goal of the Latin America Alliance is to strengthen the relationships among the companies In Latin America; with a focus on how to approach the market and creating the right connections for expansion.

Climate Action Alliance

Online Streaming Platform for Organ Music Events. Exclusive, high-quality film contributions from the world’s major organ stages

A wide variety of organists, organ builders...

An amazing Project, working with the G.B.N. Team!

The team of Go Blue Now is really fun! I had a blast working with Leslie, we began conceptualizing with the little information they had, how the website would be structured. 

Once we had a clear idea I began designing the prototype on XD and when I presented my design I got an amazing reaction. 

Ater the design and the content were finalized I began setting up the website and developing it on WordPress and Elementor.

Fish-X Project

My role as the Creative Designer for the Fish-X Project was responsible for:

  • Creating the brand
  • Logo and Corporate Design
  • Marketing Guidelines
  • Web Design & Development
  • Drafting the DEC report
  • Deliverable Guidelines
  • Project Quality Handbook


Fish-X Transparent Fisheries for a Resilient Ocean

A common responsibility to foster sustainable fisheries and marine biodiversity

Website Structure & Framework

The project was pretty complicated. It required not only a better understanding of the current fishery situation but also to visualize what the complex platform will be achieved once its ready and what message the consortium would like to communicate.

My work as Development Manager of the Tech Forum Platform


Tech Forum has many features, but I will do my best to list some of the top features which I personally find very interesting and am proud of leading the development of:

over 17,000+ Recent Users

2 months after the official launch, we have reached a large number of daily users. With our new features and updates, we are increasing growth at a rate of 43% every quarter.

Worldwide Users

With a strong grasp of the EU region as well as America, China, and Russia. We hope to expand more with our alliances and EUTECH Network.

API Connections

In order to scale and in a stable manner, we have built the possibilities of integration on to other systems and websites. For good security infrastructure, and data handling and connectivity.

Register & Attend Events via the app

50,000 + Event Registrations per year

With daily events being hosted on the platform we generate a large number of leads that are then invited for further stringer connection with the chamber.

7,000 + Registered Users

Virtual Networking, Events, Exhibitions Platform.

Matchmaking tool

With the help of smart tags tech forum has the possibility to run through the publicly available data about a specific individual or a company with its algorithm and match each profile to a standard of smart tags. These tags are then searched by an individual of interest and help ease the searching and matchmaking process.

App Design

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Email Reminder & Newsletters

Virtual Company Booth

Virtual Booths with all your company information and links. With a database of all companies registered you can filter and arrive to your best match.

Meeting Rooms

Virtual Networking, Events, Exhibitions Platform.

Past Event Database

Virtual Networking, Events, Exhibitions Platform.

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