Virtual Networking, Events & Exhibitions Platform

I started off working on the Tech Forum project in the initial stages. I was responsible for developing the user interface of a new version of the existing MVP. After some conceptualization while studying the existing system and taking into consideration the feedback from test users. I came up with a new innovative user interface and started working on development stages and setting the base for scaling up. 

I became the Lead Development Team Manager, with a team of 7 I began working on the different areas and coming up with cool and innovative ways of networking.

Mohammad Abdullah Sajid – Development Manager

EUTECH GmbH has ownership of all content that I have created and developed during my employment with them.

Corporate Identity

Logo Concept

An amazing project to come up with a logo for the Tech Forum Networking Platform.

The concept started as a cube, representing the technological aspect and symmetry. With a slight twist!

Logo Symbol


Tech Forum has many features, but I will do my best to list some of the top features which I personally find very interesting and am proud of leading the development of:

over 17,000+ Recent Users

2 months after the official launch, we have reached a large number of daily users. With our new features and updates, we are increasing growth at a rate of 43% every quarter.

Worldwide Users

With a strong grasp of the EU region as well as America, China, and Russia. We hope to expand more with our alliances and EUTECH Network.

API Connections

In order to scale and in a stable manner, we have built the possibilities of integration on to other systems and websites. For good security infrastructure, and data handling and connectivity.

Register & Attend Events via the app

50,000 + Event Registrations per year

With daily events being hosted on the platform we generate a large number of leads that are then invited for further stringer connection with the chamber.

7,000 + Registered Users

Virtual Networking, Events, Exhibitions Platform.

Matchmaking tool

With the help of smart tags tech forum has the possibility to run through the publicly available data about a specific individual or a company with its algorithm and match each profile to a standard of smart tags. These tags are then searched by an individual of interest and help ease the searching and matchmaking process.

App Design

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Email Reminder & Newsletters

Virtual Company Booth

Virtual Booths with all your company information and links. With a database of all companies registered you can filter and arrive to your best match.

Meeting Rooms

Virtual Networking, Events, Exhibitions Platform.

Past Event Database

Virtual Networking, Events, Exhibitions Platform.

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User Dashboard

Dashboard Features

Alliances & Networking Meetings

Events Speaker Management Dashboard

Webinar & Meeting Room

Virtual Expo Center

The Virtual Exhibition Center is an Addon to the Tech Forum Networking Platform. My job was to come up with an interesting way for users to interact with the virtual space, rendering a real feeling of actually being present. 

We also came up with a really cool way to generate a realistic Hybrid Experience where the public could join in both physically and virtually allowing a unique way of networking.

Virtual Expo Hall

This Virtual Hall is a point of orientation for users joining in virtually. They get to walk into the Auditorium or the Networking Booth Area. The Speakers of the conference also get this unique experience where the email address has special access to enter the speaker room.

Events reg

Virtual Networking, Events, Exhibitions Platform.

Virtual Lobby

A point of orientation for users to access different levels of Expo Halls and also navigate back to the Tech Center.

Virtual Panel Rooms

In order for users to have the maximum level of interaction with other participants, speakers, and the physically present audience, we connect panel rooms based on topics which then allow the user to immerse themselves in discussions with camera, mic, and presentation capabilities. No software installation is required.

Virtual Meeting Rooms

A custom meeting room developed to host over 500+ simultaneous participants per room and 5.000+ Live viewers.

Virtual City of Expo's

We have developed the possibility to hold multiple Expos at the same time, each expo can be branded with its unique CD and structure.

Virtual Tech Center

Here is where all the magic happens for al EUTECH-related matters. All EUTECH Internal Professional Calls are held here along with EOTECH Documentation such as white papers, position papers, and magazines.

Virtual & Hybrid Events

In collaboration with EUTECH we have held multiple Hybrid Events. In different locations all around Europe. We are planning to scale up to be able to host more events with FULL HD Streaming capabilities.

Click here to take a look at some past events.

Physical Locations & Technical Setup

With a more innovative method of broadcasting using professional gear, we are able to capture the whole physical location. Connecting the audience through Tech Forum and the audience to the Virtual Room.

Virutal Room Audiences

The Audience can interact fully by turning their cameras on and watching the physical event on full screen and getting the possibility to speak out to the audience and the speakers. With many more features such as Matchmaking etc. It takes Virtual Experience to a whole new level.

Hybrid Event Setup

An example of how we plan our hybrid events and map the technical setup of a location before hand. This gives us a good overview of who is responsible for which area.