Mohammad Abdullah Sajid - "Abi"

I create and build content to attract, convert, educate, and inspire buyers. My content marketing programs include strategy, creation, technology, tools, distribution, and measurement for driving results. Assisting organizations build agile and innovative content engines that generate leads and sales

In simple words, I help companies achieve their goals through creative digital solutions such as web design, digital marketing strategies. I have managed projects in all the stages such as from creating a concept, building a prototype to implementation

I believe in optimal communation skills, I am lucky enough to have had the chance to learn and speak 6 languages fluently.

01. Early Childhood

I grew up and studied in, Bradford, UK until the age of 16 with my parents. It was an amazing experience that I still take with me. It gave me the perfect opportunity to learn and perfect my third language “English”.

United Kingdom

02. Ciao Italia

At the age of 18, I moved to Italy. Trentino, Alto Adige to be precise. Italy is by far the most beautiful country I have ever resided in. I ended up completing my studies in Art and Graphics Design at the institution of Johannes Guttenberg in Bolzano.

During my studies, I was freelancing on some graphic design projects. Of which one of the most exciting projects was working with Larixpress, where I created digital art for children’s storytelling apps. 

I also got the chance to freelance in the fashion sector at Rebello. It was great to get exposure to the fashion industry. I created a couple of seasonal fashion magazines and had the chance to experiment with my styles.

After my graduation, I worked on some projects with the Culture and Language department of the Provincial Office of Bolzano. These projects included Hallo Ciao Marroc.


2016 - Freelance work with Larixpress

2017 - Graduation

2017 - Freelance work with Rebello

2018 - Freelance projects with Bolzano Province

2018 - Freelance projects with GRAWÜ Bioloigcal Wine

2018 - Freelance projects with Rhoelzl

Artist Awards

03.12.2016 I was honored with the Young Artists Award of the year in Trentino. My Painting "The colors of wisdom" can be found in the art gallery of Bolzano.

03. The Ladin valleys of Val Gardena, Alta Badia

I found myself lost between the great Italian Alps, the Dolomites. Alta Badia was the location where I started working in a Web & Marketing Studio “Interpormotion” 2019. The most spectacular location I have ever see in my life, I had seen people pay a lot to visit. I was very lucky to have been able to work in this heaven for 2 years.

I worked on creating unique Website Designs and Corporate Identities for Hotels, Chalets and Villettas. I worked on 2 Seasonal Marketing Campaigns where I managed the production of content and the marketing strategy.

Lagazoi, an exclusive boutique in the Alps was one of my projects. I organized photo shooting with a photographer, model (hunt), location scoping, management etc. This was for the next season fashion catalogue. I then produced the content and implemented the strategy. One of my favourite projects.

SportAlFredo, was another project I worked on, a video promo of a Ski rental hub near the Alpine Ski lifts. I was lucky enough to have learnt to ski during my time there, because this project had me holding a camera on a gimbal and following the models on the ski piste.


2019 to 2021 - Graphics Design & Marketing Manager - Interpromotion

04. COVID in Tyrol, Austria

COVID-19 hit the world….

In 2020, I was still remote working with Interpromotion, when I decided to move to the city in Innsbruck, Austria. I used the rime to my advantage and started building relationships with clients in Germany and Austria. I was lucky enough to practice my German skills which led me to fluently learn my 6th Language.

During this period, I started working on a number of interesting freelance projects. One included creating a whole new brand and Website for an Affiliate Marketing company in Bayern, Germany and developing an online streaming platform for Organ Music Films for an association responsible for holding Organ Musical Events – IOOF (International Online Organ Festival).

I had both these projects for almost 2 years, where I was required to work on new features or maintenance.

05. Hallo Deutschland!

In 2021 I decided to move to Germany, with the clients I had I could freely move and look for new opportunities. This led me to the start of my journey in the European Technology Chamber. My time with the Chamber has most definitely helped me grow a lot. I took on more responsibilities, and travelled due to projects, learning to work in dynamic environments.

I became the Lead Development Manager of a new software I started building with the Chairman of the EUTECH Chamber. After a long process of developing more patience and putting together a good team of 8 developers I started to manage 2 teams and delegate tasks and scale the platform.

My work with the chamber led me to work on some very interesting projects, such as the magazine 4 editions of Visions for Europe. I got to write and publish my own article in Q1. I travelled to the Vatican, North of Germany and then straight off to the Emirates.  


2021 - Start of employment with the European Technology Chamber

2021 - EUTECH Marketing Manager

2021 - EUTECH Creative Designer

2022 - EUTECH Creative Art Director

2021 - Tech Forum Lead Development Manager

2022 - Freelance work with IOOF

٦. اهلا وسهلا Emirati

Wow, so the emirates. Dubai is a beautiful city, with an unbelievable skyline. In 2022 I was in the Hub of Innovation and Business. I worked on developing better connections with remote employees working in my team along with attending numerous seminars and events in order to network.

I got to return back to the motherland for the first time. It was also the first time I left EU, the feeling was just unexplainable. Yet amazing. I travelled in different emirates states and found my way venturing off to the new city “Neom” in Saudi Arabia.

United Arab Emirates

May 2022 - DeFi Dubai Networking

June 2022 - Superconnect Workshops

July 2022 - The Future of Metaverse

٦. اهلا وسهلا Riyadh

In September 2022, I came to Riyadh to attend some seminars and also see for myself the new city of dreams and technology Neom! I networked with a couple of young developers, who were working on mini projects of Neom and it was amazing listening to how the world will change so soon.

It was an amazing chance to refine my Arabic skills and get in touch with the culture and its people.

I travelled to Riyadh, Madinah, Mecca and Jeddah while I was there.

Little did I know that I would venture back to my family the same year.

Saudi Arabia

September 2022 - Welcome Tour to NEOM City

September 2022 - Networking Event in Riyadh

08. G'day Australia

In November 2022 I returned to my family home after 9 long years of education and work. I arrived in Australia!

It is my first time back, my family moved here in 2013, which was about the same time I moved to Italy. It has been wonderful to be back, I believe it was missing this part of my life to be integrated with my brothers and their families.

Australia is also a beautiful country and I hope I can network and work on amazing projects that will make the future “Me” proud.