The Global Fisheries and the Digital Transition

Fish-X, a Horizon Europe Project, aims at developing a Fisheries DataSpace (Fish-X) and an Insight Platform – based on smart orchestrated architecture and open interoperable technology via Gaia-X.

My role as the Creative Designer for the Fish-X Project was responsible for:

  • Creating the brand
  • Logo and Corporate Design
  • Marketing Guidelines
  • Web Design & Development
  • Drafting the DEC report
  • Deliverable Guidelines
  • Project Quality Handbook
Fish-X Project has ownership of all content that I have created and developed during my employment with EUTECH GmbH and my service as Communications Officer for the Horiyon Europe Project.

Project Summary & D.E.C. Plan

What is Fish-X



Driving digital innovation to enable sustainable exploitation of common natural resources. Establishing a holistic digital ecosystem of the ocean.

  • Create a roadmap to digitalize the Fisheries Industry
  • Increase safety for Small-scale Fisheries Communities
  • Provide valuable insights for scientific bodies, institutions, as well as the general public
  • Contribute to a healthier marine biodiversity


Fish-X Transparent Fisheries for a Resilient Ocean

A common responsibility to foster sustainable fisheries and marine biodiversity

Corporate Identity


Website Structure & Framework

The project was pretty complicated. It required not only a better understanding of the current fishery situation but also to visualize what the complex platform will be achieved once its ready and what message the consortium would like to communicate.

Unique Web Design to promote the project

The website is a vital part of the dissemination and communication activities that the European Commission requires the consortium to uphold. Making it user-friendly and widely accessible is important.


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Digital Events

Digital Events

This post will be promoted on all social media channels, before the starting of the event.

Social Media Events Comms

Virtual Networking, Events, Exhibitions Platform.

Pubblication Workflow

Process of Deliverables creation

Social Media News

This post will be promoted on all social media channels, for communicating the support of an external partners.


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Event Reporting Papers

We must include:

Project Description and Goals
Consortium Partners
Full detailed overview of the event
Questions and Answers asked during the webinar
QR code and Link for Event Recording
Presentation of the Keynote Speakers
Key points discussed
Name and company logos of all keynote speakers
Follow up on next event