Sustainability & Climate protection consulting Agency

During my employment at the EUTECH Chamber, I worked on the Go.Blue.Now branding project. 

The project was a sub-category of the MuP Group Brand, the key was to think of something unique and out of the box. I was able to keep the thread of continuity and come up with a corporate identity and also the website design.

EUTECH GmbH has ownership of all content that I have created and developed during my employment with them.

An amazing Project, working with the G.B.N. Team!

The team of Go Blue Now is really fun! I had a blast working with Leslie, we began conceptualizing with the little information they had, how the website would be structured. 

Once we had a clear idea I began designing the prototype on XD and when I presented my design I got an amazing reaction. 

Ater the design and the content were finalized I began setting up the website and developing it on WordPress and Elementor.

Corporate Identity

Webdesign & Implementation

I managed to work in close contact with some of the team members of the Go.Blue.Now Project and with a constructive brainstorming session, we were able to finalize the web design the reflected the values and message they wanted to communicate.

Homepage of GBN


Website Mindmap & Plan

As the first step, I tried mapping out all the pages and their connection to subpages and the content in them. It gave me a clear view of what the next step was going to be.

News & Partners