Some creative CI Projects and my work with Robert

Take a look at some of the projects I have worked on for “RHoelzl” owned by Robert Hölzl. Even the new logo of the company is one of my designs. 

If you want to take a look at some really interesting and creative corporate identity projects that I have worked click below.

Rhoelzl GmbH has ownership of all content that I have created and developed during my employment with Rhoelzl GmbH and my service as Creative Designer.

Shiva Logo Design

An amazing chance to express a unique corporate identity. I was tasked by Robert to create a Logo Re-Design for the Shiva Clinic.

Old Logo of Shiva

Shiva Variants

Shiva Tantra

Shiva Seminars

Shiva Wellness

Shiva Woman

Shiva Workshops

RHoelzl Logo Design​

Robert asked me to design the logo of his Web Agency & Marketing Company. It was always a pleasure working with him, and letting my creativity flow to create a unique and modern logo for him.


Logo Design

Logo Design

Logo Variant

Logo Variant

Parton Logo Design​

Another CI Project, here I designed the logo for an Italian Truck Transportation & Delivery company.

Logo Design

Logo Variant

Graberhof Logo Design

Graberhof was a unique project where I received some indications and suggestions as to what the client wanted. 

(Picture 01)

I used the idea they had to transform it into a cool typographical logo that tells a story.

(Picture 02)

Logo Concept

Logo Design