Fashion Catalog & Winters 2020 Marketing - Lagazoi Boutique

A project I managed during my employment with Interpromotion. Which included photoshoots, model hunting, and location scouting as well as the post-production and marketing strategy.

It was right before the winter holidays, one of the best times to be in Alta Badia enjoying the snow. We suddenly got the project to do some brand awareness campaigns for the client Lagazoi. I had to organize the models, find a nice location, check the weather and pray it stays sunny the whole day! 

Böteghes Lagazoi has ownership of all content that I have created and developed during my employment with Interpromotion Srl and my service as Creative Designer.

Winter Promo Video

Drive the models up the mountain and get ready for the shooting. It was a long day but I had so much fun! We were accompanied by Yvonne`s (Owner of the Boutique) dog and he became the main model of the shoot!