La Villetta CI & Screen Design Project

A project I managed during my employment with Interpromotion. This was by far one of the most difficult projects I have worked on. The concept was really interesting. 

So basically 4 sisters owned tourist apartments in Alta Badia, they had just constructed 2 beautiful Chalets next to the apartments. They wanted me to come up with 2 new logo concepts that replicated the bond of sisterhood and their unity for the new Hotel and Chalets. I had the chance to be as creative as I wanted to be. I took advantage of this fact and tried doing some research, I came across some Celtic symbols. I had to be careful because I was tasked to also work on the website so it had to fit in together. 

La Villetta and Interpromotion Srl have ownership of all content that I have created and developed during my employment with Interpromotion Srl and my service as Creative Designer.

How I designed the logo for "La Villetta and Chalet 4 Sorus"?

So as I previously mentioned, our clients were 4 sisters of which one had recently passed away during the final construction phase of the 2 beautiful Chalets in 2020. In order to comemorate this milestone and the memory of their sister who passed away, they asked me to work on a logo design for both the Chalet and the Holiday Apartments, and they should mirror one another. Most importantly they wanted the concept of the logo to be of the 4 sisters with a pretty old-looking drawing of them as kids. I had the chance to “wow” them, so I started researching. 

Old Logo that shows the 4 sisters as kids.

After doing some research I came across some really cool Celtic Symbols. I thought they were amazing and I could really bring them to life in my Screen Design for this unique residence. Many people are aware of the Celtic symbols in Europe as come from the Scottish. I also know people and, it would be a question on the top of my head if I were to see such a  logo, I would too ask about its significance. It would be a cool story to tell each time. So I came up with these 2 designs.

Filming & Post Production

A vital part of the project was to shoot the location in a dreamy cinematic way to start the winter marketing campaign. This was a lot of pressure but also really cool, I was managing the video project and came up with a story line that we then would use in the website. Here are some shots I hope you like them 🙂

Residence Website Design

If having 2 logos wasn’t already complicated enough, I had to design a website that theoretically should be 2 different websites, but the same ones. Complicated right? 

The concept was to have a landing page that would allow you to choose between the Chalet or the Viletta apartments. Once you chose you would find yourself on the respective website, with the possibility to always switch to the other one and the designs should mirror one another so it is understandable that they both belong to the same owners.

La Villetta Website Design

Chalet 4 Sorus Website Design