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I was approached by a friend in Germany, Judit Ruck, and she asked if I was interested in working on the branding of a new Affiliate Marketing Company her brothers had just started. 

It was a fun project, I got the chance to really work with the logo they had to create a cool and innovative design for their new website. I came up with a cool design that could easily be implemented by them on Wix which was their requirement.

Job für Zwei Marketing Material

Here is some of the video and image content I prepared after the website launch.

Web Design

Starting the plan and structure of the website

It was important for me to understand what they were imagining the final website to be like and how possible would that be with Wix and how can I still make it cool.

Web Platform

IOOF stands for International Online Organ Festival.

It took place on April 18th, 2022

The IOOF is a kind of mini-Netflix for organ films from all over the world (concerts, documentaries, educational films) with additional PLUS content (live panels, master classes, webinars, Q&A interviews).