Online Streaming Platform due to the COVID-19 Pandemic!

I started working on this project at the end of 2021. I was approached by Axel with an interesting idea for developing a streaming platform and ticket shop for Organ Music Films. 

I had previously no exposure to the classical music world, this was an amazing opportunity to learn so much about Organ Music and the complexity of this art. 

I was responsible for creating the User Interface of the whole website, Ticket Hub, and Events Registration. I also managed the development of the aforementioned systems.

My tasks:

  • UI / UX Web Platform
  • Development of Platform
  • Database Management
  • Events Reg. & Streaming Hub
  • Film Shop 
  • SEO 
  • Marketing Content
Streemy GmbH has ownership of all content that I have created and developed during my employment with Streemy GmbH and my service as Creative Designer & Developer.

What is IOOF and what was my role?

It all started during the Covid-19 Pandemic, the second wave in Europe actually. Axel had this great idea to digitize the Organ Community, and little did I know, it was a pretty prestige community. Those who could play the instrument were highly educated and intelligent individuals with remarkable musician capabilities. 

My role was to make this a smooth transition and build a platform that would facilitate a 14-day online event with multiple webinars, Q&As, and Masterclasses, allowing the Organist and the fans to get in touch and enjoy each other’s love for Organs.

Meet The IOOF Team

A lovely interview by Rickie Kröll, Axel’s daughter. It was an amazing event with many participants from all over the world. 

Even due to the strict deadlines and the craziness on the day of the festival we still made it through and held an online event every single day with our online participants joining in. 

Over +12.000 Online Participants

The stability of the system was very important in order to host so many online viewers. 

My interview starts at 12min 40sec 

Press Release of IOOF in Bayern

Web Design

The IOOF Project Planing and Structure

Since it was a complex project, I had to first understand what the target audience would be looking for and how to make it available right away. I had to still come up with a cool and innovative way of bringing everything together.

Web Platform

IOOF stands for International Online Organ Festival.

It took place on April 18th, 2022

The IOOF is a kind of mini-Netflix for organ films from all over the world (concerts, documentaries, educational films) with additional PLUS content (live panels, master classes, webinars, Q&A interviews).

Features Development

Here are some of the top features I have built for IOOF. You can also navigate to these areas of the website by clicking on the image.